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  Confidence to win the epidemic prevention and control warfare Title: winning the confidence epidemic prevention and control warfare - Politburo Standing Committee meeting decision to deploy cadres and masses triggered a strong reaction Xinhua News Agency reporters Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting on the 25th, listened to the new coronavirus infection pneumonia epidemic prevention control work report, in particular the treatment of epidemic prevention and control work of patient re-study, re-deployment, re-mobilization.General Secretary presided over the meeting and delivered an important speech."Party committees and governments at all levels must follow the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee, full mobilization, the full deployment, to comprehensively strengthen the work, the peoples lives and safety and health in the first place, the epidemic prevention and control work as the most important task.Decisions and arrangements made by "the general secretary of the important speech and meeting triggered a strong reaction in the cadres and masses.They said the CPC Central Committee and resolutely implement the decisions and arrangements, under the Party Central Committee with Comrade core of strong leadership, confidence and solidarity, we must resolutely fight this epidemic prevention and control warfare.Epidemic is an order, prevention and control is the responsibility of the 25th night, Wuhan East Lake Scenic Area Committee Secretary Li Donghui still busy schedule patient transport."After listening to General Secretary speech, this time felt like, Stand, strengthened our confidence."Li Donghui said, we will go all out to ensure that all fever patients admitted to one hundred percent of the admitted, observing the observing of one hundred percent, one hundred percent of the referral of the referral.Hubei Provincial Party Committee, said the wholehearted support of the CPC Central Committee sent a major resolution to the Steering Group of Hubei, the current epidemic prevention and control as a top priority, compacted layers of responsibility, Provincial Committee, deputy provincial party leaders including films prefectures, deeply anti control line study and solve the problem, determined to win the epidemic prevention and control warfare.National health committee said that in the critical phase of the epidemic prevention and control, the CPC Central Committee with Comrade to make a decision to set up to deal with the epidemic Leading Group, to unite all forces, unified action to achieve a comprehensive victory epidemic prevention and control of blocking action of great significance."At the critical moment of the epidemic, the President chaired a special meeting of the Politburo Standing Committee, further strengthened our belief in fighting for victory."Mao Qing, chief expert medical team, said the Army Military Medical University.Beijing Municipal Party Committee said that to make a profound understanding of the importance and urgency of the epidemic prevention and control, in a more resolute attitude, more stringent measures, more decisive action, to ensure the Party Central Committee and the policy decisions into effect.The face of the epidemic, the Tianjin Municipal Committee, said leading cadres must stick to their posts, the top command, at the highest level, the most stringent measures, to safeguard peoples lives and health.Ministry of Public Security said that the meeting fully embodies the responsibility of the Party Central Committee with Jiang at the core of the play and the people feelings, epidemic prevention and control work for us to do, win the epidemic prevention and control warfare provides a fundamental follow.Ministry of Commerce said it would set up headed by the principal responsible comrades response to the outbreak Work Leading Group, to comprehensively strengthen the related work, in particular to strengthen the organization and coordination, careful guidance of local commerce authorities do a good job market, supply security work.Life comes first, go all out to treat infected patients as an emergency medical team, Taizhou, Zhejiang, deputy director of the Central Hospital of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine Yancy, MD, on the rush to the rescue Wuhan train to understand the spirit of this important meeting."To see the general secretary talked about the whole army and people of all nationalities have the same stand with you, are you strong backing words, particularly moved.Decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee, fully embodies the people-oriented concept of governance.We have confidence, since when turning back!"Consecutive ten days of fighting in the fight against the epidemic Qu open a new line of Funan County of Anhui Province Peoples Hospital, director of Respiratory two wards said with emotion, four focus treatment principles proposed conference, not only critically ill patients can be more scientific and effective treatment to save more lives, but also can reduce the risk of cross contamination.Wuhan treatment of infected patients, "the main battlefield" - Jinyintan hospital, came to rush to the rescue of the First Peoples Hospital of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine physician team leader Zhou Xin Shanghai, the 25th night confirmed the 136 members of the protection work has been put in place."I read the news conference several times, the central government should care for and protect the majority of medical and health personnel, good protection device configuration, implementation of protective measures, it makes me very encouraged.We must live up to the great trust, we make every effort to treat patients."Zhou said the new.Had participated in the battle against SARS, chief researcher with the China Academy of Traditional small Lin Yuanshi, he went to Wuhan quarantine line."The meeting stressed that adhere to integrative medicine, which will encourage members of the expert group play advantages of Chinese medicine, to explore more effective treatment programs and drugs as soon as possible, in order to win the battle to contribute to prevention."Kobayashi said with.The National Health and Social Security Bureau said that health care departments at all levels will unswervingly implement the Party Central Committee decisions and arrangements, to protect patient medical treatment costs as the current top priority realistically, grasping thin, make sure to keep a patient to delay treatment because of the cost issue.School crowd, because winter vacation mobility, is the focus of epidemic prevention and control.The Ministry of Education said it would resolutely implement the spirit of the Politburo Standing Committee meeting, the teachers and students of life safety and health in the first place, is responsible for teachers and students, socially responsible.Ministry of Transport said, resolute, solid and effective grasp of the work involved in transportation.The next step will be judged in depth on relevant issues involved in epidemic prevention and control, identify the root cause, effective and orderly implementation of prevention and control measures.Joint prevention and control, epidemic prevention and control warfare to win the cadres said that to implement the spirit of the meeting personally solid, stick to their posts, the top command, put to the test in the fight against the epidemic prevention and control, the first line of the epidemic prevention and control of depth, so defending their territories responsibility, responsible for defending their territories."The meeting noted a good job surveillance, investigation, early warning, we will further find out the epidemic situation returnees."Zhejiang Jiashan Yao Zhuang Zhenzheng Law Committee secretary Pan Hongfeng said that the current local grassroots cadres canceled vacations.Wu thunder Shanghai Health Health Commission director said it would cooperate with public security, transportation and other departments to strictly monitor the crossing to do, to Shanghai flights, trains, ships and personnel passing vehicles set out in key areas of social conduct temperature measurement and registration information."Scientific community must have the courage to play, and win this tough battle, play a key role, something."Science and Technology will be held on the 25th thematic study the deployment of emergency epidemic prevention and control technology research, will focus on the advantages of strength, solid work in the spread of the virus, rapid detection of symptomatic drugs, vaccine development, etc., to provide scientific and technological support for the good epidemic prevention and control.Chinese Academy of Engineering launched an emergency mechanism for emergency response, organized a number of academicians and experts from the fields of science virus traceability, clinical treatment programs and other judgments, refining a number of key recommendations prevention strategies, diagnosis and treatment of diseases like, the next step will organize Fellow or Fellow team members to participate in the first line of the Steering group.Ministry of Industry and Information Technology 25 evening meeting, to strengthen epidemic prevention and control of material support, will insist on a clear problem-oriented, precise application of force policy, targeted to solve protective clothing production capacity, insufficient convergence of standards and other issues, give priority to Wuhan and other key regional demand.(Reporter Jiang Lin, Qu Ting, Wang Xi, Liao Jun, Liang Jianqiang, Hu Hao, Li Yun, Zhang Xinxin, Liu Hongxia, Chen Wei Wei, Wei Yukun, Xu Haitao, Yu Wan, Xia grams, Chou Yi, Tian Xiao Hang, Zhou Lin, Mao Zhenhua)

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