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  Village officials misappropriated 3 million for four years, why the delay has not been found? 2020 January 25, Pinghu City, Zhejiang 80 after the village party secretary Qin new town, sable Ding Yanfeng because the main responsibility for running the party strictly carry out comprehensive ineffective, was given the party warning new town Commission for Discipline Inspection.Young village secretary, why be penalized?This matter, from the end of last year had one other sable Qin Zhang Qin Feng village cadres have been punished for talking about.Zhang Qin Feng, born in 2084, former members of the new town, the village committee and village Qin sable shares economic cooperatives Directors.In the seven years of work in the village, he had three consecutive years due to the hard work of village cadres was rated excellent.Day in 2014, Zhang Qin Feng received a completely changed his life path phone.Phone, inviting him to use the other side for a Hong Kong investment in gold speculation the software, said the software investment starting point only a few dozen dollars, but the money can be invested to cash the same day, the day of arrival, the operation is very convenient, but also very profitable rich.In the interests of the face seems to be readily available, without telling his family Zhang Qin Feng taken the first step.So Zhang Qin Feng did not think that this test so that he fell into the bottomless pit.After just over one-year period, Zhang Qin Feng on the loss of several hundred thousand dollars, or even the back of the bank loans and credit pressure.Loss of more and more, more and more loans, how do?At this time, the village turned over to farmers hit water caused Zhang Qin Fengs attention.He decided to put the money "borrowed" by use, which became the first funds misappropriation of village.Next, Zhang Qin Feng out of control, hit the water, the land transfer funds, housing lease, urban and rural residents social pension insurance funds.He has 12 village collective embezzlement of funds totaling more than 300 million, the filing of fashion more than 2 million failed to be returned.And all this happened, Qin sable as party secretary Ding Yanfeng did not even notice it?In September 2020, new town, village held a "three capital" management of special work meeting.Informed the town village land transfer fee collection work carried out.Among them, Qin sable collection rate is particularly low, only 22.28%, the highest in last place in all villages.At the meeting, at the town of Agricultural Economics station issued a "rural" funded "job reminders single".The "reminders list" under the hair, it attracted the attention of Ding Yanfeng.During the National Day holiday, just turn to Ding Yanfeng Zhang Qin Feng and together the two men on duty, Zhang Qin Feng Ding Yanfeng requirements handed over to him after the seizures of land transfer fee summary, in order to go from house to house collection.However, after the holidays, Zhang Qin Feng verbal promise of future delays in the village work.It turned out the first day of work after the National Day, Zhang Qin Feng came to the Pinghu City Commission for Discipline Inspection Control Yuan surrender.In January, a new warehouse in the town Commission for Discipline Inspection to start "a case of double check".The survey found that in 2020 July, when the village on the uproar rumors Zhang Qin peak in Waiqian a lot of money, Ding Yanfeng as the village party first responsibility, simply look for Zhang Qin Feng was talk also learned that Zhang Qin Feng stock investment losses outside nearly 100 million issue, but Ding Yanfeng did not pay sufficient attention has not taken effective preventive measures.Just shortly after this conversation reminded, Zhang Qin Feng has appropriated the village "enclave hold together" project funds 38 million yuan.The survey also found that "three capital" management rules and regulations exist in name of the village, as the village secretary Ding Yanfeng when the walk away treasurer, no daily supervision in accordance with the provisions of the symptoms of the problems found also an eye, close one eye, pointed out that the problem does not indicate that the correction is not corrected in time, lead to a growing problem, until out of hand."As secretary of the village, I do not have oversight of the financial situation of the village in place, especially after the discovery of signs of problems Zhang Qin Feng, did not do proper regulatory responsibility, leading to misappropriation take advantage of Zhang Qin Feng.In the future, I will learn from it, and take the first responsibility of the person, in particular, to personally do a good job of financial regulation, effective control and fetched the village, out of account the situation and ensure collective security funds, responsible for all the villagers."Ding Yanfeng deeply guilty.Investigators pointed out that Ding Yanfeng as Qin sable party secretary, poor management in the daily supervision, when found personal debt problems Zhang Qin Feng, did not pay sufficient attention to and take effective measures, resulting in Zhang Qin Feng serious violation occurs violation cases, to this institutions and social causes adverse effects.In this regard, new town, not only for Discipline Inspection to give the party warning Ding Yanfeng, but also for the town of Agricultural Economics station chief was admonishing remarks and removed from important positions, Qin ordered the sable, the town of Agricultural Economics station held a democratic life, to carry out criticism and self-criticism.The investigation of this case, but also alert the majority of party members and cadres, especially leading cadres, party strictly fulfill the full political responsibility is not an empty word.Strict management and supervision of education must be strict to every level party organizations, party members and cadres each, every aspect of work.

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