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  Wuhan Driving "God" after "into the land" who control the underground Driving Wuhan Driving "God" after "into the earth," "Driving underground" who control the "underground Driving School" is the right fee Changjiang Daily reporter Lianju taken in 2020 November 25, Changjiang Daily reported on Zhongshan Square top floor platform 7 there is a "sky driving school" training field, has aroused widespread concern, was subsequently banned Jianghan District Management Committee and other relevant departments.Recently, there are people reflect, Wuhan driving school in addition to "God", this also into the ground - in the underground garage Healthy Green Castle Peak area, there is a driving school training field, and "large-scale indoor training base, afraid of the sun, not afraid shower rain "as the slogan, running for more than 4 years."Driving underground" is illegal?In the end who should control?Broke the news: underground garage transformed Driving Public Wang, who lives in Castle Peak District Green Healthy.Recently, he learned from the owners of the group, there is an underground parking area driving school training ground."I have heard great for some time," because residential parking on the ground, not the elevator leading to the basement, Mr. Wang did not go on the basic read, do not understand the operation of underground driving school.But when he passed by the basement entrance, seen from a sign next to the driving school called "driving school every day," and the entrance stood a dilapidated coach cars, plastered with advertisements Driving."From the direction indicated by these ads run, driving school training ground is certainly in the underground garage.Underground dark, and small area, as well as load-bearing column, there are some security risks for the novice who just touch the vehicle."Mr. Wang said, before seeing the Changjiang Daily reported on Driving the air, the illegal driving school soon be banned, and now this driving school fled underground, it is not in line with relevant regulations, hope Changjiang Daily reporter to investigate if illegal, We hope the relevant departments to timely management.Visit: "Driving underground" has been running for 12 years at 4 pm, Changjiang Daily reporter visited the scene, found a "driving school every day" signs and the words "Driving Registration underground garage office" near the north gate green Healthy.Placed in the underground garage in front of a coach car, body covered with advertisements Driving up and down, and obviously the tires deflated air, looking like most of a "zombie car", also placed in front of a driving school billboards, language as a "large-scale indoor training base, afraid of the sun, not afraid of rain.".Reporter by the dim interior passage inside area of less than a thousand meters, a number of parked vehicles, the position of the intermediate space have two subjects "back storage", "parallel parking", "curve running", "quarter turn" marking the training program and the like, metal marking is nailed to the ground, since the dust cover, is difficult to identify.Reporters learned from the staff at the driving school, driving school training time is 8:30 to 11:30, 17:00 to 8:00.When the night to go and see two train cars are training.Reporters also found that each tire has a load-bearing column against, but the coach car straight at the end of the wall stood four tires crash.A student told reporters, "learn drive too slow, and there is next to the coach, it should be no problem."At the time, though brightly lit underground garage, but still make a lot of columns within sight of the garage there is dead.The coach told reporters the scene, the underground has been running training ground "for four years", "cool, the sun is less than, less than leaching" can rest assured Registration.Question: "Driving underground" in the end can not be opened?How the underground garage will become a driving school training ground, whether there are security risks?For compliance?With a range of issues, Changjiang Daily reporter consulted the relevant departments.Castle Peak District, Housing Authority staff said the underground parking area did not deliver residential property management, property owned by the developer.If you belong to the civil air defense basement parking spaces, according to the relevant provisions of civil air defense law, who is also the construction will benefit.Told reporters that the consultation is not a revenue problem, but such behavior is considered a change of building use, there is no security risks exist, the staff suggested that reporters consult the planning department.Qingshan District Planning Board staff claimed that the use of the underground parking garage construction is to become part of the Driving change of use, "affirmed the illegal".However, after acceptance by the planning department, "repurposed Housing Authority should be responsible for the supervision, if there is illegal building by the urban management department supervision".In addition, Changjiang Daily reporter also consulted Wuhan City Transportation Bureau Yunguanchu.Driving staff said business has been decentralized to the districts Transportation Management Division is responsible for management, driving school for training ground where the standards do not understand, transportation management department of district-related business on unsupervised driving school has the obligation, the details can consult the district.Subsequently, the Changjiang Daily reporter contacted the Peak District Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau of Transportation Management Bureau, the staff said, has received preliminary complaints from residents of the district, it is understood that the relevant business license driving school.Changjiang Daily reporter asked whether the relevant business license on behalf of the underground training ground on compliance with the relevant provisions?If so, it approved a standard driving school training ground of what is?If not, this document is approved by the department?The staff said, he is not in charge of Driving-related businesses, and other relevant colleagues to come back, he will contact the reporters to answer.But as of press time, the reporter did not receive a reply.It is understood that the country has very strict requirements for driving school grounds, coaches and vehicles must meet certain criteria before they can engage in driver training, driving school training and workplace needs to reach 10,000 square meters.Changjiang Daily reporter right fee

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