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  Shanghai the first batch of "24 Cinema" appearance 15, people buy movie tickets in Grand cinema box office.Day, Shanghai, Nanjing West Road Guangming theater became a theater Shanghai 24 hours.People wait to watch the movie.Yan Liqin photo of the city that never sleeps, the more exciting Shanghai has always been the label, the more night.Today, the "night economy" has become an important indicator of a citys economic openness, activity, and has unlimited potential for development.People who have had big stage "Midnight Happy sink", and now Shanghai has a lot of "24 bookstore", now has added a "24 Cinema", the Shanghai Literature and Art heart 24 hours is not closing.People walking in the Grand Cinema.Yan Liqin taken in order to create a night of cultural, economic prosperity night, the first batch of "24 Cinema" came into being, Shanghai has two long history and culture of the old theater - Grand Cinema, Cathay taking the lead, Shanghai became the first "24 hour theater ".At the same time, according to industry recalls, Grand Cinema is Shanghais first open weekend night field of cinema.People watching a movie ticket.Yan Liqin photo people walking in the Grand Cinema.Yan Liqin photo Grand Cinema to become the first batch of Shanghai "24 Cinema".Yan Liqin photo so-called "24 Cinema" is different from "24" is not closing the convenience store, "24 Cinema" can also be understood as "zero cross cinema", such as normal mapping movie ranked last in general more than 11 pm , while "24 Cinema" screenings will reflect the row after the delay to zero, largely enriched the city "night culture" content, but also to meet a number of "late-night overtime family" entertainment needs.From row reflect aspects of the two theaters will focus on "four themes": First, focus red film screenings, promote the theme, the spread of Shanghai red culture; the second is to focus international film screenings, with the Shanghai International Film Festival, to build a platform for Chinese and foreign movies, international film Showcase week activities to meet the diverse needs of fans of film culture; third is to focus classic drama movie screenings, such as opera movies, opera and other classic movie screenings, inherit and carry forward the traditional classical opera culture; Fourth, focusing released simultaneously at home and abroad the large imports zero premiere, to meet the needs of the young fans of "IP" fast theme of culture.

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