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  Beijing Wind Symphony Orchestra private decade living in mind From musicians to find the exact location rehearse twice to reach the level of playing on stage borrow money from wages to benefits gradually increase Beijing Wind Symphony Orchestra private decade living in mind to find the exact location of their own orchestra from musicians to rehearse now two will be able to achieve the level of performance on stage concert hall; gradually increase from wages to survive by credit card, but now wages.For decades, as a private orchestra, in the absence of any social sponsorship and government subsidies, Beijing Wind Orchestra and fought against the artistic exploration of the market step by step, not only survived, but also to live with flavored mayonnaise.In the post Orchestra tenth anniversary commemorative meeting of North tube, head, art director July 20 Li Fang Fang published a report entitled "because of love for all" speech.Just six words, covering Li Fang established with regard to pay the original intention of the north tube, as well as his efforts in this decade.North tube post is currently the first professional Wind Symphony Orchestra, from its inception in mid-2009, nearly a thousand performances field, had played about 500 works, the orchestra has grown to have the art production capacity, the industry recognized maturity professional orchestras, and has accumulated a large number of fans.Recently, in an interview with Beijing Youth Daily reporter interview, when talking about the orchestra Li Fangfang decade achievements, said: "North Tube pay just planted a seed, development Wind Symphony need to work two or three generations only grow into towering trees.Before "an enthusiastic head of the Armed Police Band was founded demobilized north tube pipe cross-founded the North pay, Li Fangfang work in armed military band for 30 years, for 12 years the head of the armed military band, he is also the designer of Beijings Tiananmen Square flag-raising ceremony.The idea stems from the establishment of the North tube post twice overseas experience, in the 1990s, Li Fang Fang went to study in the New England Conservatory of Music, he described the experience of studying for their "open a window": "The main task of ceremonial military band while the Wind symphony played primarily in the concert hall.Earlier, Chinas pipe band marching band is present in the form of.To the New England Conservatory of Music, I know, the original Wind Symphony is so ah."The end of 2000 to 2003, Li Fang Fang was given a chance to go to the University of Arizonas Fox School of Music.He felt, "Wind Symphony is so fascinating.When will China be able to have a career Wind Symphony Orchestra, playing in a concert hall may not be familiar with Chinese musicians of such outstanding works."The idea of Lee Fang Fang very emotional, returning a few years, he might look for everything, threw himself into the preparations for the Wind Symphony.In 2009, he graduated from the Xian Conservatory of Music, was hesitant to stay in Jiangxi Gannan Normal University teacher of Qing Gele Tai saw Beijing Wind Orchestra recruitment notices, the idea of moving to Beijing.Fortunately, my father loves classical music did not stop him from leaving the stable teacher positions toward an uncertain future, but very supportive of his sons choice.With the support of his family, we celebrate Gele Tai all the way through, well into the orchestra work.Li Fang Fang is very clear, the construction of a band of three elements: people, musical instruments and sheet music, and talent is the first.So the recruitment Orchestra, Li Fangfang very seriously.He got a lot of experts to do the examiners, and the implementation of the test is to pull the curtain, it is to avoid trust relationship through the back door."Modern Wind Symphony It is important that each part requires the player is soloist level, which is very difficult.And the workload Band performer, playing works requirements for musicians sometimes higher than the orchestra.A large number of modern composers to write something for the modern Wind Orchestra - Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra playing yesterday, contemporary Wind Symphony Orchestra of today, or even tomorrow.So we want to test is to hire the best musicians."Wake-up call good musicians together is not necessarily a good orchestra as a completely self-financing private professional orchestras, the story of a decade of ups and a lot of natural.However, Li Fang Fang do not want to reveal too many years experience difficulties and anxiety, is a gross understatement to say: "Since you have chosen your own love for the cause, then there is no amount of difficulty should carry over."After the orchestra was founded, Li Fang Fang told his old friend, President Chen Ping was the National Grand Theater.President Chen Ping great confidence in them, so the first show on the arrangements for the orchestra at the National Theater.He was invited newly established National Grand Theater, which makes the whole group of musicians who are overjoyed.However, the reality pulling them down from the peak of joy."The first rehearsal, it sticks, the first sound out of my mind a little cold.All good musicians, graduates are very good domestic major colleges and universities, but excellent musicians get together is not necessarily a good orchestra, it sounds good.They have a lot of chamber music, ensemble, orchestra, symphony orchestra practice at school, and pipe band ensemble class is not a lot.Balanced sound, the role of musicians, the role of.They do not have this concept."No way, Li Fangfang from the principle of the balance of the pyramids start from balance, fusion band started training, so that these young musicians learned slowly and they are right in the Wind Symphony sound system sound in this system of position.This process, with the Qing Gele Tais words seemed again on the university: "We rehearse in the morning for three hours in the afternoon I basically have nothing to practice at home, digest."The first show was in July 12, 2009, for these young people, this is a memorable day: the first time they boarded the National Theater stage."It was really quite exciting.Very excited and very nervous."Qing Gele Tai Xian Conservatory of Music teacher also made a special trip drove rushed to the National Theater from Xian to see the show celebrate Gele Tai.Survival wages did not realize the importance of money the National Theater debut success, so the band experienced a short-lived joy.To pay day was unhappy bad Li Fang Fang, "the money from where it?"Fortunately, the registered capital required for registration Orchestra is Li Fang Fang from the dig pockets.He put the money out, whatever the outcome, made a first down wages.Li Fang Fang said: "After spending over the family bankrupt have to get money ah.My wife also borrow money wages.At one point, the next day to wages, and on the 3000 money on account.How to do?Think of ways that borrow borrow."This day lasted about a year or two.From the third year, Li Fang Fang realize that there is a thing called the "market".Through friends, he began to get to know show business, theater manager, learn to talk about the show, do marketing, contract.Li Fang Fang had heard a marketing seminar, which said the new company law is five years flat, profit for seven years, and then again just fine.North tube post was established ten years almost exactly the same path with this.5 years beginning essentially flat, in the seventh year with profit, we can give employees a pay rise point."North Tube to pay salaries for all artists, without any social security and government-sponsored social sponsorship, all we sell a ticket to a ticket out.A symphony orchestra of about 50 people to survive, is a miracle."Orchestra to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the meeting, Li Fang Fang proudly.Message coming from the domestic first Asian to head the orchestra was established two years ago to pay for the north tube is the most difficult days, but fortunately there are a number of performances was invited for support: the National Theater of commercial speech, Beijing Music hall, Forbidden City Concert hall and other piecemeal performance.For decades, North tube delivered abroad to obtain a high degree of concern.The evening of July 20, "Years echo" the tenth anniversary of Beijing Wind Orchestra Jiantuan special concert at the National Theater, the show finished a few hours, the evenings concert has already been placed on the social media, the US tube Le Mas Lanka master composers son back to Li Fang Fang sent a message of congratulations.And after decades of development, the orchestras artistic creation is also not aware of the original plan - with the show until rehearsal, just signed the contract for production.And particularly worth mentioning is that, invited by the National Grand Theater, Beijing Wind Orchestra participated in more than 20 National Theater production of the opera orchestra work behind the scenes.Turning to look forward to the next decade, Fang Fang Li expressed the hope that then ten years the North East Asia or pipe cross made of top-ranking orchestra, "Wind Orchestra is still relatively new bands and types of music media, is Art today and tomorrow, it is very charming.Although we also played a lot of classical stuff, but it is something new, it is a sunrise business.We just planted a seed, needed two or three generations of effort to make the seed grow into towering trees."Text / reporter Tian Wanting co-ordination / Lau Kong-wah full Yi

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