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  Wuhan 85 hotel support health care: sterile finished, break free! With the escalation of the epidemic, Wuhan medical staff almost overdraft energy and stamina.To support the hotel in Wuhan frontline health care workers, January 24, local hoteliers self-organized "Hotel Wuhan care support group" to solicit without central air conditioning, voluntary medical staff to provide free accommodation to the major hospitals in Wuhan.At press time, voluntary accommodation of local hotels has reached 85, and there have been added to the hotel, covering 11 areas including the Hongshan District of Wuhan, Wuchang District, Hankou District, Caidian District, etc..Which support most hotel Hongshan District, has reached 27, and has lived in the hotel; Hankou area sorely lacking Accommodation.Main group "Wuhan Hotel healthcare support group" Xiao Ya Star Wuhan local hotel owner, whose name four hotels participate in all the support.Reporters saw, Xiao Ya star while in the contact group, coordinated look for include 84 disinfectant, masks and other materials suppliers ultraviolet light, while constantly self released "folk Check-in staff and business Notes" in the group."Preparation", Xiao Ya Star remind health care workers to do their own protection, we recommend that they carry one-time items; hotel staff ready to please, remember to check out after medical alcohol disinfection with 75%.Xiao Ya-sing, he said due to the current Wuhan no public transport to and from work a lot of doctors and nurses is difficult.It can also be seen in the group, a man spontaneously or docking fleet resources, transfers from work on health care.Verily, to overcome difficulties!Source: surging News Reporter: Tang Yingying

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