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  ACWFs first "national identity story sink" to have started in Jiangxi June 30, sponsored by the National Womens Federation "national identity story sink" the first activities in the Central Red Army departure Yudu County, Jiangxi Province held.Day, Jiangxi Yudu County Cultural Arts Center full house.In the "Shisonghongjun," "Long March of the Red Army crossing the source" and other red songs, the above-mentioned activities kicked off.The picture shows the activity site.Wang Yuan photo "It does not matter to, and all the!"Communist Ruijin PARTY teacher Zhu Huilin about the dam before and after the Soviet Ruijin Sha Chau Yang Rong significantly on the battlefield eight elderly parent to send his son to the audience, eight children have been sacrificed true story."When you just wait for you, so you want is not easy; so was winter and spring to come, days of hope Lang return at night."Authentic folk songs drawn some red tear-jerking love story" waiting for you ".In the wars steep tobacco, even before the Red Army soldiers Li Yu Hua and his wife, a pool of 72 years do not, watch his wifes life, just like her husband had sacrificed tragic news.National identity story of the first activities on-site exchange.Wang Yuan photo Ruijin Central Revolutionary Base Memorial commentator Yang Lishan to you about the 30 female Red Army soldiers participated in the Long March of extraordinary deeds."For the people, for the truth, they decided to join the revolution, which is to let posterity will always remember the early heart mama."Scenario reading" draft forget who dug the "fond memories of Mao Zedong in the Center Soviet shazhouba for solving the drinking water problem to lead people to dig wells story.The year that well, local people called it "Red Well" drink from the source.The event.Organizers said Wang Yuan photo, a home country story, red song after another song, a section of red Soviet history demonstrate women cadres to support the front, the heart of the Red Army, join loyalty to the faith of the revolution, praising the new era of Soviet women cadres did not forget beginners mind, remember our mission struggle style.According to reports, China Womens Federations first "national identity story sink" After all started in Jiangxi, a touching story about the Red Classics in Hunan, Fujian, Guizhou, Sichuan, Ningxia, Shaanxi and other places Relay, the event will be held in late July ending in Shaanxi.

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