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  Doctors seventy sudden heart attack on the operating table all the colleagues staged a textbook emergency Topic: Doctors seventy sudden heart attack on the operating table all the colleagues staged a textbook emergency temporary delegation of Austrian Blue "From my first phone to play, to promote the Balao operating room at that moment, a total of 38 minutes."20 evening, thyroid tumor surgical director of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Peoples Hospital physicians to Sui students had just finished a back office operation.BEIJING, he recalled with reporters a few days ago and died 38 minutes of racing, very mixed feelings.16 am, a cardiac cancer surgery is abdominal tumor surgery hospital operating room, surgeon doctor is one of nearly 70 years, was rehired hospital medical director Battle.It is two and a half hours in surgery, preparation for closing the peritoneum, Balao suddenly felt unwell.After junior doctors continue to account for the completion of the surgery, he stepped down voluntarily relieve symptoms picture shows all the medical staff to push the runners go to the cath lab Balao.Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Peoples Hospital surveillance video shot the day 10:30, Balao into the lounge, nausea, vomiting, increased sweating symptoms.At this time, Sui born into a gap back surgery just lounge to drink water, swung the Balao placed on the bed, asking after symptoms call colleagues launched an emergency rescue.After the initial diagnosis of cardiac disease, contact the hospital emergency care physician and medical director of the heart ECG room consultation.ECG showed extensive anterior wall myocardial infarction Balao.In the meantime, open deep vein, peripheral vein rapid infusion, administered vasoactive drug injection to a series of rescue measures norepinephrine, etc. are also in an orderly manner.16, 11 am, Balao is advancing interventional cath lab began surgery, colleagues to participate in emergency and return to their jobs."After the busy day of work, I heard Balao was rescued over, everyone was relieved."Hospital Cancer Center, a department nurse anesthesia Huangyan Chun told reporters.20 am, Cancer Center colleagues went to visit a Balao, Balao heard of the condition is relatively stable, are just relieved.These days, the matter reported by the local media, attracted many users thumbs up.Won praise not only medical textbook first aid, as well as their doctor benevolence.At the same time there are users sigh, this is the real Damon and Pythias.Publicly display material, our new annual recurrent myocardial infarction 600,000 cases, the proportion of deaths in more than three percent, after the onset of 120 minutes is the ideal time to open blood vessels, every one minute delay, there will be a large number of myocardial cell death."In fact, the key to the rescue, just in time, place and person."Before recalled the scene, into the Sui students also to sweat.He told reporters, just in the hospital, surrounded by a large number of health care professionals when Balao disease, but when the disease is timely detection, diagnosis and treatment, "Thanks to the concerted effort"!"Han Yajun, director of Cardiology, Health, after receiving my phone, went to our cancer center on the fourth floor from the fifth floor of the building next door, in just a few minutes.Really like the wind speed."Into the Sui students now feel a lot easier, in the case quipped."We have been together 40 years.Balao also worked as a director with 30 years of it."Cancer Center anesthesia a physician Ren Zhijian, director of introduction, the main first aid, many are in line with the joint efforts of Balao brothers."Do not look at all these medical director of the fifties and sixties, ran to the road in the cath lab carts do not slow it."BEIJING, reporters also learned that, in fact, in emergency cases happened here too, the only difference is that the patients doctor to save also rescued.

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