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  Taiwan is facing economic and trade crisis: the industrial structure is deteriorating, hollowing Taiwan "in the electronic newspaper" published on the 9th Chinese University professor lectures, stage "CEPD chairman" Yiin the article said that recently the Taiwan authorities finance department released preliminary statistics last year, Taiwans import and export is still superficial to the import and export situation were superficial description, but if a little analysis, failure can be found in Taiwan economic and trade crisis currently facing and policies.Content of the article excerpts are as follows: Taiwans total exports last year, down 1.4%, is the second time in four years of recession export, import growth is still 0.4%, prompting a decrease of $$ 5.7 billion trade surplus.Taiwans trade surplus with the United States last year, summary and mainland China declined by 38.Victims of US $$ 500 million, is the Sino-US trade friction."The new south" policy is an important policy Cai authorities set up a special office, spending a large amount of money, but not contact sign free trade agreement nowhere, trade performance is even more bad to worse, exports to the new south addition in 2016 began promoting the 20 countries increased by 13.3%, export growth thereafter as SLIDE, next year export growth fell to 1.4% last year, is down 7.3%, while imports increased maintained, and therefore the countrys trade surplus to shrink from 20 in 2015 to $$ 221.5 billion to $$ 143 billion last year, four years reduced by 35%.Export structure worsened, concentrated product to the semiconductor element, Taiwan IC 2015 to exports 24.8%, raised to 30 last year.5%; proportion of the liquid crystal device 3 from.Reduced to 1% 2.0%, negative export growth of 10 percent last year, exports dropped from third place to sixth place.The high concentration of exports, show an increased risk of exports, in addition to highlighting the deterioration of Taiwans industrial structure, traditional industries shrink, Cai authorities "5 + 2 industrial innovation program" to no avail in the creation of new industries, further hollowing out of industry.When viewed from the Taiwan imports, imports of capital equipment last year, 50.9 billion US dollars, of which the semiconductor equipment accounted for 46%; an increase in imports of capital equipment of $$ 9 billion, semiconductor equipment amounted to $$ 8.1 billion, accounting for 90%, in addition to revealing the IC and foreign-owned communications-related industries can be said Better business investment appetite.Taiwans industrial structure to deteriorate, hollowing out while reflecting on the export of RCEP countries, the agreement last year to complete the negotiations, scheduled to take effect this year, implementation, in order to cover up the dilemma unable to join Taiwans Tsai said Taiwans exports to the authorities RCEP products 70 % has been enjoying zero tariff, implying that it has little effect without adding RCEP.Since Taiwan and RCEP failed to contact the majority of the members to sign FTA, other than the vast majority of information technology products, including most of the traditional industries due shall be charged a relatively less competitive, naturally shrink in proportion to national export RCEP.To 70% RCEP country exports enjoy duty-free have been the result of Taiwans failure to sign FTA further contact, this is the failure of Taiwans economic and trade policies Achilles Heel, we can only speak specious words to deceive people.There was a saying that Taiwans economy is currently in the last 20 years, "the best state", but the year before Taiwans economic growth rate of only 2.75%, ranked 13th in the last 20 years, how is the best?There is a saying, "Taiwans economic performance is the best Asian Tigers", but do not dare say the first three years are the last four dragons; and according to estimates, "Comptroller General Office" in Taiwan last years economic growth rate of 2.64% ,, Taiwan changed for the better is not obvious, but other economies due to the impact of Sino-US trade friction recession, Taiwan how the nerve to feel good about themselves!

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