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  A labor dramas Deus Ex: watch the flowers feel the beauty of labor A labor dramas Deus Ex, the hugely popular watch the flowers, feel the beauty of labor each year in September, at the foot of the Tianshan cotton blooming season, the Yellow River Lankao cotton picker workers bid farewell to their loved ones will be packed up, boarded the Green Paper train, crossing thousands of kilometers to go to Xinjiang.Who carries the hope, laughter, tears and a touch of nostalgia, in such a unique spectacle of labor, the interpretation of many touching stories.Recently landing CCTV eight sets of TV series "bloom season" is about a story about cotton and labor.This guidance by the Henan Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Henan radio and television drama production dominated the third day of play, real-time viewing platform CSM evening show, the drama burst into the national segment of all channels at the same time first, then its time has been Ranking among the best.As an important period of the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China, this year realism television show presented again blowout, both the main theme, the works of positive energy, but also to show the status of the industrys workplace drama, as well as highlighting the national identity of the spy war drama, war drama, etc..The "bloom season" as the focus of a group of migrant workers to "work" as the keyword TV series, Deus Ex can continue to hit and sparked heated debate, is how to do?Labor show the beauty of the Fujiang cotton picker workers that "birds landscape" as the main narrative objects, which have rarely been seen in previous drama.Director Chen Shengli, the "bloom season" choose to pick cotton as a starting point, because the crew really wanted to write a "hymn" belong to the majority of workers the most simple.Workers also honor it?"Bloom season," the actress Nicole gives her big positive answer."Stupidly charming," the big-ni claiming "Im not poor, who do not need help," subject to the influence of large-ni and infection, Anne, Panjin Zhi Liu, etc. all have to understand the role of the "Happy are struggling out of the struggle itself is a kind of happiness, "the true meaning, abandon speculative market skills, embarked on the right path the sun.Roles completed the transformation, the play also handed a questionnaire about the "honest labor" to the audience.Carefully watching this drama will find that these women from the Central Plains, thousands of miles away in western endure searing sun, bent over to pick, pick knees, ad infinitum, do not want to rest for a while, just as the setting sun, can recite a pack a bag a mountain of cotton weighing loading.Finger pricked, tape paste, then punctured, hands full of scars.Low back pain, knee pain, joint pain refers to, it is the occupational disease of cotton picker workers.The Phi star out every day, wearing a month and go, eaten a big pot of four dollars, fell down to sleep - that do not steal or cheat, contribute money sustains attitude exists in Fujiang thousands of cotton picker women who.It is through such an extraordinary narrative of the story, simple way to work, "heart and soul hard and describe the great era", take the "honest labor, settle down," this seemingly simple theme and hit the current speculative market skills, something for nothing, night riches impetuous attitude, smile and a tear in the tragicomic scenes in, from the subtle to let people see the valuable honest labor, many plot of the story is to let the audience to marvel at.Many of the participants scrutinized the play of migrant workers find themselves in the play had similar that people find more resonance in reality, the process is also gradually cure: "This play behind why each set of ten set will make you cry, it is because folks are along the Yangtze River this movie performance, and the performance of the Xinjiang brothers and sisters through thick and thin, it teaches us to rely on honest labor to get rich, to say good interpersonal and care, to see people moving."Impress people with the most to make the audience a real intuitive feel, is the crew in Lankao, Hamilton shot taken two rural real.Farm yard and assembled Baogu dense pile, straight roads golden poplar, there was a boundless stretch cotton.The lens, the beauty of the field two places on the screen to show off.Many TV viewers watched even think that this is a documentary, drama opened white cotton bright shining as if to overflow the screen like real.Indeed, the "real" is one of the keywords of this drama.On the watercress, that someone nicknamed the show as "earthy drama".In order to "bloom season", the director and creative staff multiple times to Xinjiang and Henan Lankao County, interviewed more than 300 parties, video defloration workers retained for more than 130 stories, most of the drama plot drawn from real-life reality really thing.After four years several drafts, the script finally found the right creative direction: an anthem of honest labor - a young deputy mayor from Lankao, led a gang of female migrant workers go pick flowers Xinjiang cotton picker.The story of the drama is real, the scene is real, but laughter and tears protagonist is even more true.In the shooting of five years, in order to better inter-provincial labor workers cotton picker tells the story, the drama had several in-depth creative Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps third division Red Star two games, while experiencing life, while the accumulation of material, and starring cotton picker workers together under the scorching sun picking cotton, really it is done into the role of the soul to go.It is worth mentioning that the "bloom season" is not only to win the market and reputation, but also because the works to break the current "big star, high-fee, small meat" so some errors are considered unable to get rid of video creation.The drama performances caught more than 70% of non-professional actors, they have a cotton picker workers, cadres, middle school teacher, newspaper editor, a network anchor, corps workers and so on, more extras is the "original" of migrant workers.Speaking boldly non-professional actors, producers king is also quite helpless.Two years ago, he and director Chen Shengli going to shoot this realism television show, although get a lot of people in the industry to encourage, but really there are few willing to invest a lot of capital is not optimistic about this labor party theme and tell the story of rural TV series.This is a "grassroots" play "grassroots" drama, performance is not inferior to professional actors.Chen Shengli said the director, the key is they have to live and understand life, people act very realistic, reaching unexpected artistic effect, to the television screen Guajin a breath of fresh air."After bloom season" broadcast, the industry generally believe play simple, practical, focusing on ones personality, mental, emotional and real careful characterization, so that a wide range of topics of innovation, conception, actor and operation , it is the industry to explore.Especially from a practical perspective, this drama for workers provides worthwhile to promote values.From the theoretical perspective, it further labor scene, recorded directly experience the process of labor and laborers.From an aesthetic perspective, the object will work as a laborer working life performance, and explore the dramatic scene has aesthetic value, forming a visual display of the value of labor.Labor hymn sing a dozen years ago, he went to Xinjiang to pick cotton in Henan army once reached more than ten million people.Many peoples minds, picking cotton to bring back substantial income, migrant workers picking cotton every city there is a sad story."In fact, not!"Before the TV series, directors and producers rushed to Xinjiang interviewed more than 130 pick cotton farmers, to change their views."I also imagine they are more tragic."Soon, director Chen Shengli has a new discovery, although picking cotton nasty, but migrant workers picking cotton farmers are changing - from food and clothing for them in the past, in order to make money now is to experience a different life, I am very optimistic, even People were bringing their children to "education" to train their spirit to endure hardship.This also allows the creative staff of highly shock and education.Prior to this, although a number of literary and artistic works through grass-roots workers have shown that hard, but often condescending, them as suffering, even thought it is not a person had lived.The truth is, a lot of people that live like this, and high-spirited."Farmers group is undergoing profound changes, many farmers already have the characteristics of workers who, through working life is better, but still choose hard labor."Wang is to say, they are a cotton picker season still to go the habit of picking cotton in Xinjiang.Although no longer expect to get this money to make ends meet, but labor inertia has infiltrated the peasant bones, or unconsciously stick to hard-working character, so the labor of migrant workers with the pursuit of a better life worthy of our respect and records.Chen Shengli believe that the show does not want to complain tone Jour tell their story, filled with great compassion did not want to cheat the poor.Pick-workers do not need pity, they need the warmth and respect, despite the hardships of life, but they do not complain, do not steal or cheat to work to eat, clean and income-generating livelihoods, people live hard gas, why should the poor people?A little behind cotton reflect the social attitudes change and conflict.This hit TV series about the cotton picker workers on the one hand reflects the degree of attention to peoples growing population of migrant workers, it also highlights the contemporary society of respect for labor, honest labor of craving and anxiety.For viewing after the "bloom season" launch well, there are comments that, in the existing social structure and market environment, perhaps in film and other works focusing laborers, workers discovered and writing is way worth trying.Vice chairman of China Federation of Literature, Chinese President Critics Association Zhongcheng Xiang believes that the best part of the play is shaped like a large number of US-ni know how this honest labor, to understand the pursuit of poetic, ultra-utilitarian know, in the true sense of contemporary "," bloom season "is a contemporary Chinese people in the labor migration in the creation of a happy epic" reflects the Chinese nation, Chinese farmers stood up and mentally, to get rich and strong up new historical process, not only to bloom substances, but also to the spirit of the flower in full bloom.

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